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Replace waitForCondition in browser_909779_overflow_toolbars_new_window.js withTestUtils.waitForCondition


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Firefox 67
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firefox67 --- fixed


(Reporter: johannh, Assigned: lalas, Mentored)



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This is a good first bug for newcomers to Firefox development.

waitForCondition usage in the browser_909779_overflow_toolbars_new_window.js test file can be replaced by the TestUtils.waitForCondition utility function.

The code in question is here:,20,25

There are multiple occurrences that need to be replaced.

For instructions on how to get your local build of Firefox up and running and submit your patch, see

You can run this test with the ./mach mochitest command:

./mach mochitest browser/components/customizableui/test/browser_909779_overflow_toolbars_new_window.js

Please leave a comment if you would like to be assigned to this bug and feel free to ask questions here or via IRC if you're stuck.


If no one has claimed this one, it would be great to have another bug to try and figure out how to reset my repo version and work on a new bug.

Hi! I am an Outreachy applicant and I'd like to work on this bug.

Replaced waitForCondition with TestUtils.waitForCondition - 3 instances for bug 1530783


Trying to figure out how mercurial works as I come from using Git. Trying to reset my local version to the latest version and having a nice time figuring that out. You can see that my previous commit to another bug was added with the commit for this one. What is the usual workflow - in Git we would create a new branch and work on our bug - but how does that work here?

Hi Johann,

I am an Outreachy applicant. Can I work on this issue ?

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Hi Tuhina,

I'm also an Outreachy applicant. I asked to work on this bug earlier today and submitted a bugfix for revision, thought I'd point that out just in case. (In reply to tuhina chatterjee from comment #5)

Hi Johann,

I am an Outreachy applicant. Can I work on this issue ?

Yeah, sorry, lloanalas should be assigned to this.

Assignee: nobody → lloanalas
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Attachment #9046899 - Attachment description: Replaced waitForCondition with TestUtils.waitForCondition for bug 1530783 → Bug 1530783 - Replace waitForCondition with TestUtils.waitForCondition. r=johannh

Setting checkin-needed to get this landed...

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Replace waitForCondition with TestUtils.waitForCondition. r=johannh

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