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Send custom "marionette-startup-requested" observer notification to start Marionette in Thunderbird


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Thunderbird 67.0


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As of now Marionette listens for a couple of startup observer notifications, and has to wait until the startup recorder has finished recording startup scripts:

For Fennec and GeckoView we recently got the marionette-startup-requested observer notification added (see bug 1496773), which allows us to explicitly specify at which stage during startup Marionette has to be enabled.

The same behavior we would like to see for Thunderbird.

Geoff, would you mind to implement that?

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Summary: Send custom "marionette-startup-requested" observer notification to start Marionette → Send custom "marionette-startup-requested" observer notification to start Marionette in Thunderbird

Let me just check I've understood correctly. You want something in Thunderbird to send marionette-startup-requested so that you don't have to listen for mail-startup-done?

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That is exactly correct. In that case the product can define and change the time during startup where to initialize Marionette.

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This is what happens if I start without changing the m-c code.

So yes, we should land both patches close together if possible to allow an initialization for TB.

I'm about to land this on inbound, it'll need the c-c patch to land when it gets to central.

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Stop listening for mail-startup-done to start Marionette in Thunderbird; r=whimboo

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Send custom "marionette-startup-requested" observer notification to start Marionette in Thunderbird; r=mkmelin

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Note to self: next time, set checkin-needed after checking in the first part.

Thanks Geoff! Good to see this extra registered observer listener gone.

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