Investigate high value features for Lockbox and Monitor

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Request Description
What will people pay for with respect to Monitor (identity monitoring services) and Lockbox (password management and secure storage product)?

what should our next functional requirements be? If Lockbox or Monitor could just do _____ [this], it would just put my mind at ease.

End of Q2

Priority Level
1 = High

Priority Level Description
By the end of Q2, we’ll be able manage logins between desktop and mobile in Lockbox. We’ll have the foundation in place to capture, create, and use passwords. We need more information to inform how we can move forward and what we prioritize for premium support.

In Q3, there will be premium experiments and we want to know what experiments we should consider.

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Assigning to Josh, but the request may take a different shape. It was planned for later in Q2, so we won't follow up with this right away.

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I talked to Sandy about this, and she would still like a survey to be run, to help prioritize development work coming down the pipeline (Q3 and beyond). This is not likely to focus on "willingness to pay", but rather things in Lockbox and Monitor that have high value for users (this part of the description: what should our next functional requirements be? If Lockbox or Monitor could just do _____ [this], it would just put my mind at ease.). The survey should be launched after these two studies are run (might be able to start work before the bugs are closed though):,

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Hi Jennifer and Josh - Can you update me on the status of this project? Thanks!

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4 days ago

There are dependencies on the outcomes from the two studies Jennifer linked to in her last update - one is the in-person work she has been doing this week, the other is the remote interviews I have been working with legal to get the recruitment screening surveys live for this week. Presumably when those have completed this survey can be drafted and launched.

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Thanks Josh! I'm going to flip this to active in that case. LMK if I should hold off.

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