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Tab bar dissapear


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Steps to reproduce:

The firefox was updated to 65 from 64 and the tab bar are dissapear

Actual results:

See the photo attached, only see the active tab over the navigation bar

Expected results:

The only solution that i can get on support is "erase all your preferences and start from scratch".
Ok, how i save my opened tabs? How save my safescript, adblock plus, ghostery preferences?
HINT: if i rename the foled adfasd.default and copy the problem reappears

I must be honest, i are very dissapointed with firefox, because is not going to forward to the user, is going really backwards and does it at big steps.
1)The first big back step was on webextension implementation when was removed multirow tabs (disabling tab mix plus). The solution is become a developer touching internal CSS...
If is so easy as replace an CSS why is not on options and "multirow"?
2)Incognito in separated window... the pioneers of tabs forcing to use multiple windows, amazing.
3)Bar tabs disapear
4)mobile version cannot work with game, just close the firefox like never opened.
5)Desktop version give 120% of cpu usage for more than 120 seconds to a single webpage (

Does the problem still happen if you start Firefox in Safe Mode? (Safe Mode disables extensions and themes, hardware acceleration and some JavaScript stuff in order to exclude some possible reasons for problems. It does not disable plugins which are add-ons.) See
And does this also happen with a new and empty profile? See and
If you still see this problem in the new profile, please enter the address "about:support" in the address bar and attach (using the "Attach File" link above) the output for your original profile (not the new profile), as the "Modified Preferences" section could be interesting.
Thanks for your help!

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Dear I partially solved the issue removing userChrome.css used for multirow tabs. I still think that updates must be more carreful to avoid incompatibilities "for experts".Now i can see the tabs bar.
In the same way i want comment that i cannot find one tool to save the opened pages/bookmarks/userscripts/addon prefferences. Only find copy entire session folder. Is not an optimal way because there is not partial restore that allow import all except userChrome.css

But i still have problem with following page and if you preffer i file a new bug:

This page is a assurance company. My car was crashed, this webpage is the way to claim for the damages.
Firefox allow do the following task (writed in required order)
-I can register
-Write the other driver data
-Write my data
-upload documents photos
Firefox not work and chrome yes do
-upload car crashed photos

What happen? the firefox go to 120% of cpu usage, on second photo. The first take more than 5 minutes on upload, but second photo even after 30 minutes cannot be uploaded.

In Chrome, take 30 seconds on upload each image and never take 120% of cpu.

Is not the most easy page to test because nobody are happy to receive a crash.

Best Regards.

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For Comment 2, can you file that as a separate bug report? Thanks.

From reading your bug report, this might be an extension incompatibility?

Component: Untriaged → Extension Compatibility
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seem like incompatibility with userChrome.css used to get multirow tabs on firefox 55>
I think that the bug do not happen if:
1)firefox after update check for deprecated commands.
2)firefox have a "menu/file/view tabs ( on off)"
3)Firefox have multirow tabs without touching extranous files with content that i do know what are

not was related with any extension and was solved removing the userChrome.css

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