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Fix inconsistent transform flattening logic


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The code that derives world_content_transform has different logic for transform flattening than the code in get_relative_transform.

Ideally, we could probably remove the code path that calculates world_content_transform and derive this directly from the get_relative_transform code path.

There are a small number of places in the existing code (perhaps 4 or 5) that read the current value of world_content_transform which would also need to be updated.

Dzmitry, you said you may have cycles to work on this?

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On it!

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I'm having a hard time rewriting this. The gist of complexity is the following:

  1. flattening is forcing the transform to produce Z=0
  2. therefore, transforms are no longer fully invertible across the flatten spots
  3. removing the inverse transform from our palette entirely is almost feasible, at least within Rust code, but then faces the use in write_clip_tile_vertex which is not trivial to remove without a deeper redesign on how our clips work...

The WIP code can be seen at -

Forgot to mention that preserve-3d uses the inverse transforms extensively, but this may be addressed by adopting (and further evolving) the patch Glenn proposed earlier -

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Env logger is useful for:

  1. seeing error! generated by the code (by default). Sometimes it can give us hints on what is wrong with the capture, or a test right away.
  2. seeing processed shader compile/link errors, which is very useful when changing them

Given that wrench is the main debugging tool at the moment, enabling the logging output by default should increase our productivity, at the cost of slightly longer build times.

Establishes a clear link of TransformData with the shader.
Associates a vertex data type permanently, which makes the code cleaner and allow finding the relevant bits quickly with search.

Just a refactor without any semantical changes.
Makes it for cleaner client code. Also prepares for caching of the world transforms.

Pushed by
Enable env_logger by default in Wrench r=gw
Pushed by
Strongly typed vertex data stores in WR r=gw
Pushed by
Refactor get_relative_transform to not return an option r=gw

needed to avoid duplicate dependencies

Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [wr-q2][wr-may]

I've been looking at this a bit more. We previously assumed that one of the important blocks of the solution would be moving plane splitting to happen in the space of the preserve3d root. Now I start to understand that this is going to be much less pleasant than we'd hope.

Ordering itself is fine to do in any space. However, we are currently doing the frustum clipping of the planes in order to avoid any of the resulting points/planes to fall behind the W-positive hemisphere in homogeneous space. We do this before registering the planes for splitting and ordering. In order to change the space, we'd need to consider the frustum in a different space, which in turn can be perspective transformed and such, which complicate things quite a bit...

Instead of converting from the scale-offset to the transform right away in
get_relative_transform, we only do it if there is a jump between coordinate spaces.

Do not zero out the transformed Z. Instead, pass it through unchanged.

Attachment #9063273 - Attachment is obsolete: true
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Refactor WR fast transform, use when returning relative transforms r=gw

This change makes get_relative_transform() to no longer rely on any flattening done before in the pipeline.
This makes it correct is some of the cases we failed previously (see ini files removed).
It now does flattening on every flat coordinate system it passes through, and it's used for SpaceMapper.
The old RelativeTransform is now replaced with CoordinateSpaceMapping, which reduces the zoo of our types :)

Pushed by
Repace WR RelativeTransform with CoordinateSpaceMapping, improve flattening semantics. r=gw
Regressions: 1551520
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WR cache world transform on coordinate systems r=gw
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This is the last big step towards consistent flattening of transformations.
It includes removing the old "project_to_2d" method from the utils.

Attachment #9067442 - Attachment description: [WIP] WR remove the world transformations from SpatialNode → WR remove the world transformations from SpatialNode
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WR remove the world transformations from SpatialNode r=gw
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