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Do not prompt about the widget in Guest mode


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(Reporter: kbrosnan, Assigned: petru)


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  • Three dot menu -> Tools -> New Guest Session


  • No message about widget


  • Message about widget

I was also prompted when returning to normal browsing

Group: mozilla-employee-confidential

That prompt is to be properly configured in Leanplum by the Marketing team.
Right now it's more of a placeholder that is only used for helping with the development process.

I see the following two scenarios for actually avoiding the described issue:

  • the Leanplum campaign to be configured to check for a user attribute (like "Default browsing mode" / "Guest mode" (these don't yet exist and need to be added)) to decide whether that prompt should be shown or not
  • not having Leanplum enabled in Guest mode. Because there is no event/user attribute sent to Leanplum about guest mode I think there are other cases in which Leanplum will show notifications / banners which maybe should be restricted in this sessions.

NI-ing Jessica about how she wants to proceed, choosing between the two proposed solutions or maybe having a better one in mind.

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Hey Petru,

Good news: we have an attribute in Fennec that lets us know if the user has us set to default browser: Attribute = "Default Browser".

However, to your point, we don't have one that lets us know if users are in "Guest Mode". If we wanted to get this attribute, how soon could it be available in Beta and Production? If this takes too long, we can just segment out user who have us set a default browser. Thoughts?

Question: If a user is in guest mode and gets the message and "adds the widget to home screen", would the widget added on the home screen open in guest session or regular/native users' session (non-guest)?

  • Jess O
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After discussing with Andreas and Stefan it was decided to remove the guest session (in bug 1536866), change that would render this and other related tickets needless.

Will wait to see if the patch for bug 1536866 gets uplifted to Beta to close this ticket.

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Depends on: 1536866
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Guest option has been removed per the bug cited in Comment 4. Resolving as invalid and marking 67/68 as won't fix.

Closed: 7 months ago
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