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When extensions.screenshots.disabled pref to false and extensions.screenshots.system-disabled pref to true the Screenshots icon is still diplayed in to toolbar and is still enabled.


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Steps to reproduce:

Bug discovered during Firefox Developer Edition 66 Beta 14 testday - Friday, March
8th 2019

Steps to reproduce:

1.Open Firefox Developer with a clean profile
2.Navigate to about:config page
3.Click the "I accept the risk!" button
4.Search for the "extensions.screenshots.system-disabled" pref, set it to "false"
5.Set the "extensions.screenshots.system-disabled" pref to "true"
6.Set again the "extensions.screenshots.system-disabled" pref to "false"

Actual results:

Actual results:

It does not appear to matter whether the value of "extensions.screenshots.system-disabled" pref, set it to "false" or "true". For both values the screenshot icon is displayed and active.

Expected results:

  1. When "extensions.screenshots.system-disabled" pref, is set to "true" the screenshot icon should not be displayed.
  2. When "extensions.screenshots.system-disabled" pref, is set to "false" the screenshot icon is displayed.

If this turns out to be a genuine bug I would like to work on the fix if possible. Thank you.

Component: Untriaged → Screenshots

Thank you, ithompson4 for logging this issue.
The prefcodes provided in the description(extensions.screenshots.system-disabled, extensions.screenshots.system-disabled, extensions.screenshots.system-disabled) were used in Firefox 56. Now we use "extensions.screenshots.disabled", if its value is false: the feature is activated.

Taking into account what I have stated above, I am afraid I have to close this issue as invalid.

Have a nice day!

Closed: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
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