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macOS - Fix mozmill to run tests


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Thunderbird 68.0


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Philipp Kewisch <> took care of fixing this bug that was preventing developers on macos to run mozmill-one tests.

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I'm afraid the patch break MozMill on Windows, now I get what Mac users have been seeing before:
mozrunner.errors.RunnerNotStartedError: Failed to start the process: [Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified.


Aceman, how about on Linux?
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Philipp also offered an initial version on IRC last night:

23:52:31 - Fallen: fix:
23:52:52 - Fallen: oh there is already ABS_DIST, might as well use that
23:54:13 - Fallen: better fix:

I've attached it here and it does NOT break Windows, so maybe we go with this since the "better" fix isn't really better ;-)

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mozmill-test.patch (v0)

Aceman, please try on Linux, Arshad on Mac and Philipp, please let us know whether you'd be happy to land the initial solution.
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Yes, this one breaks mozmill on Linux.
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mozmill-test.patch (v0)

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This one works on Linux.
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mozmill-test.patch (v0)

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Solo test commands works now.
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The second one is better from a code quality POV because we are re-using variables, so maybe it makes sense to just figure out why it breaks windows. I'll need some more lines of logs from Windows to see what exactly it passes to --binary. On mac there was an array with the exact command being executed.

The issue for mac was that the APP_NAME contains spaces, so calling $(abspath) on it fails. Note $(abspath path/to/foo bar/baz) produces /abs/path/to/foo /abs/bar/baz.

Is that what you need? We can get Aceman to do you a log on Linux.

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Hm interesting, so ABS_DIST is not actually absolute!? This should be fixed somewhere upstream then. Lots of hassle for such a small change so I guess go with whatever works and future self will have to deal with it.

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OK, I'll get the agreed patch landed attributing it to Philipp, of course.

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fix 'make mozmill-one SOLO_TEST=' on Mac. f=aceman,arshad rs=jorgk

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