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Search Widget should close the tabs tray when tapped


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  • add the search widget
  • open Firefox
  • tap the tabs icon
  • tap the home button
  • tap the search widget


  • tabs tray closes and the search tab is opened


  • tabs tray remains open and the keyboard covers the tabs view

Reproduced on a Nexus 10 tablet running Android 5.1.1. Did not reproduce on a Galaxy Note 9 Android 8.1.

Blocks: 1518874


With the steps provided it's pretty easy for me to reproduce on a Samsung S7, I think this is a general issue.

Thinking further about it, the search widget uses a lot of already existing code and features. Tapping the widget is similar to tapping a link to be opened in the browser. With this in mind I've tried to open an external link in Firefox while having the tab tray opened and indeed the "issue" also manifests in this situation -

Another scenario in which the previous state hinders the functionality is when the settings menu is displayed.
Tapping the search widget (or tapping on a link to be opened in Firefox) opens a new tab for searching but does not close the menu -

There might be other similar scenarios.

Given that this is not a recent regression and a fix for the search widget scenario would extend to other related functionality (like opening an external link) I think we need to thread carefully but the solution should not be hard.

The way I see it, we need to explicitly:

  • close the tab tray
  • close the keyboard
  • close the menu
  • close other stuff??
    When the user puts the app in background so to have a cleaner state when the user returns,
    Or when the user opens a new tab, before actually opening the tab (Scenario I think closer to the issue described in this ticket)

What do you guys think?

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We need to ensure that nothing from the previous app state would prevent a
smooth flow for the search widget UX.
As such, in the event that they were left open, we will close the options menu
and the tabs tray before entering in tab editing mode for search.

I've added a simple patch that uses already existing methods to simply close the options menu and the tabs tray if we will enter editing mode from the search widget.

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See Also: → 1535045
Assignee: nobody → petru.lingurar
Summary: Search Widget should close the tabs tray when tapped (tablets?) → Search Widget should close the tabs tray when tapped

Pushed by
Cleanup previous state before entering editing mode for search; r=VladBaicu
Optimize the imports related to the search widget functionality; r=VladBaicu

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Closed: 3 years ago
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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 67

Verified as fixed in the latest Nightly build 67.0a1 with Google Pixel 3 XL and Samsung Galaxy Note 9(Android 8.1.0).

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Product: Firefox for Android → Firefox for Android Graveyard
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