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GeckoView WebExtension pages support.


(GeckoView :: Extensions, enhancement, P2)



(firefox66 wontfix, firefox67 wontfix, firefox68 wontfix, firefox70 wontfix, firefox71 wontfix, firefox72 fix-optional)

Tracking Status
firefox66 --- wontfix
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(Reporter: Agi, Assigned: Agi)


(Depends on 4 open bugs, Blocks 2 open bugs, )


We need support for embedded pages in WebExtensions.

Minimal support would include getting a URL to a page so that the GV app can navigate to it.


Firefox Send needs this.

Assignee: nobody → agi

P2 because Agi says this is a common use case for WebExtensions. Not needed for Fenix MVP.

OS: All → Android
Priority: -- → P2

Sounds like GoFaster might need this too.

I think it would be a good tool in our belt for fenix, for site spot fixes.

Flags: needinfo?(cpeterson)

The WebCompat GoFaster add-on is not a blocker for Fenix MVP but it should be a blocker for the Fennec/Fenix transition.

Flags: needinfo?(cpeterson)
Whiteboard: [geckoview:fenix:p2]
Depends on: 1535365
Depends on: 1553371
Depends on: 1554260
Depends on: 1554302
Depends on: 1560048
Blocks: 1563277
See Also: → 1565782
Rank: 25
Whiteboard: [geckoview:fenix:p2]
Blocks: 1582194
No longer blocks: 1511077
Rank: 25 → 10

Mass moving bugs to the Extension component.

Component: General → Extensions

We want to work on this in October.

Priority: P2 → P1
Whiteboard: [geckoview:m1910]

Moving out of GV's October sprint because Agi says this bug can wait until November or December.

Priority: P1 → P2
Whiteboard: [geckoview:m1910]

Not blocked by extension process bug 1535365

Whiteboard: [geckoview:m1912?]
Whiteboard: [geckoview:m1912?] → [geckoview:m1912]
Depends on: 1595176
Depends on: 1600702
Whiteboard: [geckoview:m1912]
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