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Move StaticPtr.h to mfbt


(Core :: MFBT, task, P3)

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I'm going to use StaticRefPtr in mozglue, and I don't see any reason why StaticPtr.h couldn't be in mfbt: All its dependencies are there, and it's an ideal companion to mfbt/RefPtr.h.

It only depends on other mfbt headers, it goes well with RefPtr.h, and this will
make StaticAutoPtr and StaticRefPtr available outside of libxul.

Also fixed some comments that referred to the old nsRefPtr name.

Shelving it for now, as my personal need has evaporated, but more importantly I think we should wait for a decision about RefCounted in bug 1536656.

(If someone else needs StaticPtr in MFBT in the meantime, please feel free to take over this bug.)

Depends on: 1536656

I don't need it in bug 1492121 anymore, so selfishly I won't work on it further (unless I have some spare time someday).
If someone else is interested, please feel free to take over.

Assignee: gsquelart → nobody
No longer blocks: 1492121
Type: defect → task
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