Verify jobs on android 4.3 should have is_fennec set to true

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3 months ago
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The test_group_touchevents-3.html test in the APZ mochitests has a condition that disables it on GV. But apparently that also disables it on the verify jobs for Android. I would expect it to still run there.

See for example this log

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Comment 1

3 months ago

Oh, right. That's because the TV code sets up mozinfo a bit differently and doesn't yet know about is_fennec.

[task 2019-03-14T18:45:10.952Z] 18:45:10 INFO - Per-test run using mozinfo: {u'bin_suffix': u'', u'official': True, u'allow_legacy_extensions': True, u'pgo': False, u'sync': False, u'buildapp': u'mobile/android', u'crashreporter': True, u'devedition': False, u'require_signing': False, u'platform_guess': u'android-arm', u'appname': u'fennec', u'stylo': True, u'mozconfig': u'/builds/worker/workspace/build/src/.mozconfig', u'topsrcdir': u'/builds/worker/workspace/build/src', u'ubsan': False, 'verify': True, 'os_version': StringVersion ('16.04'), 'version': 'Ubuntu 16.04', 'webrender': False, u'buildtype_guess': u'debug', 'bits': 32, 'has_sandbox': True, u'datareporting': True, u'artifact': False, u'toolkit': u'android', u'healthreport': True, u'updater': True, u'cc_type': u'clang', u'asan': False, u'release_or_beta': False, u'ccov': False, u'android_min_sdk': u'16', u'tests_enabled': True, 'linux_distro': 'Ubuntu', u'telemetry': False, u'tsan': False, u'nightly_build': True, 'headless': False, 'e10s': False, u'debug': True, 'os': u'android', 'processor': u'arm'}

Assignee: nobody → gbrown
Blocks: test-verify
Component: Mochitest → General

Comment 2

3 months ago

In the mochitest harness, is_fennec is populated by examining harness options, and
is_emulator and android_version are populated by examining the device via mozdevice.
The per-test code doesn't have those options and the emulator may not be available
yet, so I've opted for populated those fields from mozharness configuration. In
practice, we only run Android TV on Android 4.3, where is_fennec=True, is_emulator=True,
and android_version=18. I'd like to run TV on Android 7.0/geckoview eventually,
where is_fennec=False, is_emulator=True, and android_version=24.
Since I was here, I also removed 'stylo' from the per-test mozinfo, since that field
is obsolete now.

Comment 3

3 months ago
Pushed by
Set dynamic mozinfo fields in Android test-verify; r=bc

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3 months ago
Closed: 3 months ago
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