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Add custom upwards backfilling


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ATM we have a custom backfilling feature, which allows us to backfill & retrigger up to 10 missing jobs. Execution here runs chronologically, from most recent jobs to older ones.

This feature works thanks to only 3 parameters:

depth: 5
inclusive: false
times: 1

While investigating perf regressions, I had cases when I was missing more than 10 jobs. For the missing jobs which this tool couldn't easily backfill, I had to manually backfill each missing job, then come again to do the retriggers.

This could be easily fixed in 2 ways.
Either by extending the depth parameter to 20 or even 25.
Or keep the same depth, but add another direction parameter, which can have downwards or upwards values. After doing the usual 10 retriggers, I could go to the available alert from the bottom, and do another backfill upwards.

Personally, I'd opt for increasing the threshold.

Joel, what do you think?

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This sounds similar to: bug 1515060

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Joel, are you okay with the max depth getting increased to backfill up to 25 pushes? As a custom action, this can only be done for one unique job type at once.

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25 pushes is fine.

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Duplicate of this bug: 1515060
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Change maximum depth of backfills from 10 to 25. r=dustin
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