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Text at overlaps


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This is a regression. Smallest window I could get from Mozregression:

Summary: Text at → Text at overlaps

Setting layout.css.moz-document.url-prefix-hack.enabled=true fixes it. So the good thing is that this is not broken on release. The bad thing is that they're using @-moz-document to workaround some sort of interop issue:

@-moz-document url-prefix() {
.listing-details .row::before {

Whereas otherwise it has:

.row::after, .row::before {
display: table;
content: ' ';

Blocks: 1035091, 1449753
Attached file Reduced test-case.

Blink shows the text to the top, Gecko to the bottom. I still haven't dug into who's right.

Attached file Testcase #2

Changing content: " " to content: "X" makes Chrome render it
the same as Gecko. Alternatively, adding * { vertical-align: top }
instead also makes both UAs render it the same.
So the issue seems to be a baseline-alignment difference when
content is just whitespace.

This should render the same as #3c. It does in Firefox, but not in Chrome.

Attachment #9051907 - Attachment description: Testcase 3c (further reduced) → Testcase #3c (further reduced)

So, I suspect the original issue that the text is at the top
in Chrome is simply a bug in Chrome. It doesn't seem like
a reasonable result from baseline-alignment. (that they render
#3c and #3d differently is also a strong indication of a bug)

Testcase #3d shows that there's a second issue: we handle an
empty table in the first line when baseline-aligning differently.
It appears Chrome skips it and we don't. (This should probably
be spawned off a separate bug).

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