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Font rendering in Nightly 68


(Core :: CSS Parsing and Computation, defect)

Not set





(Reporter: koutris, Unassigned)


(Keywords: regression)

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Steps to reproduce:

Nothing in particular. Just did my daily nightly upgrade.

Actual results:

The fonts in various sites changed from Arial to something else. Verdana or Tahoma. The rendering is now similar to Google Chrome. Sites affected are,, I use the same settings from Netscape era and I never change them.

Expected results:

Firefox should respect my font settings to Arial 14. Instead it has changed to something else.

Component: Untriaged → CSS Parsing and Computation
Product: Firefox → Core

Can you go to about:config, search for font, and copy all the pref values that are there? In particular, is browser.display.use_document_fonts set to something different than 1?

Flags: needinfo?(koutris)

Tagging as a regression for now, but I think this is going to be bug 1536718.

Keywords: regression

browser.display.use_document_fonts 0

browser.display.auto_quality_min_font_size 20
browser.display.use_document_fonts 0
devtools.scratchpad.editorFontSize 12
font.blacklist.underline_offset FangSong,Gulim,GulimChe,MingLiU,MingLiU-ExtB,MingLiU_HKSCS,MingLiU-HKSCS-ExtB,MS Gothic,MS Mincho,MS PGothic,MS PMincho,MS UI Gothic,PMingLiU,PMingLiU-ExtB,SimHei,SimSun,SimSun-ExtB,Hei,Kai,Apple LiGothic,Apple LiSung,Osaka sans-serif
font.default.el serif
font.default.he sans-serif
font.default.ja sans-serif
font.default.ko sans-serif sans-serif
font.default.x-armn serif
font.default.x-beng serif
font.default.x-cans serif
font.default.x-cyrillic serif
font.default.x-devanagari sans-serif
font.default.x-ethi serif
font.default.x-geor serif
font.default.x-gujr serif
font.default.x-guru serif
font.default.x-khmr serif
font.default.x-knda serif
font.default.x-math serif
font.default.x-mlym serif
font.default.x-orya serif
font.default.x-sinh serif
font.default.x-tamil serif
font.default.x-telu serif
font.default.x-tibt serif
font.default.x-unicode serif
font.default.x-western serif
font.default.zh-CN sans-serif
font.default.zh-HK sans-serif
font.default.zh-TW sans-serif
font.internaluseonly.changed false x-unicode 0
font.minimum-size.el 14
font.minimum-size.he 0
font.minimum-size.ja 0
font.minimum-size.ko 0 10
font.minimum-size.x-armn 0
font.minimum-size.x-beng 0
font.minimum-size.x-cans 0
font.minimum-size.x-cyrillic 0
font.minimum-size.x-devanagari 0
font.minimum-size.x-ethi 0
font.minimum-size.x-geor 0
font.minimum-size.x-gujr 0
font.minimum-size.x-guru 0
font.minimum-size.x-khmr 0
font.minimum-size.x-knda 0
font.minimum-size.x-math 0
font.minimum-size.x-mlym 0
font.minimum-size.x-orya 0
font.minimum-size.x-sinh 0
font.minimum-size.x-tamil 0
font.minimum-size.x-telu 0
font.minimum-size.x-tibt 0
font.minimum-size.x-unicode 14
font.minimum-size.x-western 14
font.minimum-size.zh-CN 0
font.minimum-size.zh-HK 0
font.minimum-size.zh-TW 0 Comic Sans MS Comic Sans MS Guttman Yad, Ktav, Arial Gungsuh Tahoma Comic Sans MS Visual Geez Unicode Title Comic Sans MS Comic Sans MS Comic Sans MS KaiTi, KaiTi_GB2312 DFKai-SB DFKai-SB Segoe UI Emoji, Twemoji Mozilla Courier New Courier New Fixed Miriam Transparent, Miriam Fixed, Rod, Courier New MS Gothic, MS Mincho, Meiryo, Yu Gothic, Yu Mincho, MS PGothic, MS PMincho GulimChe Tahoma Arial AMU Mitra Mono, Likhan, Mukti Narrow Aboriginal Sans, OskiDakelh, Pigiarniq, Uqammaq Courier New Mangal, Nirmala UI Ethiopia Jiret BPG Classic 99U Shruti Raavi, Saab Khmer OS, Khmer OS System Tunga, AksharUnicode Courier New Rachana_w01, AnjaliOldLipi, Kartika, ThoolikaUnicode ori1Uni, Kalinga Iskoola Pota, AksharUnicode Latha Gautami, Akshar Unicode Tibetan Machine Uni, Jomolhari, Microsoft Himalaya Courier New Courier New SimSun, MS Song, SimSun-ExtB MingLiU_HKSCS, Ming(for ISO10646), MingLiU, MingLiU_HKSCS-ExtB MingLiU, MingLiU-ExtB Segoe UI, Tahoma, Arial Arial Arial Meiryo, Yu Gothic, MS PGothic, MS Gothic, Yu Mincho, MS PMincho, MS Mincho Malgun Gothic, Gulim Tahoma Arial AMU Vrinda, Akaash, Likhan, Ekushey Punarbhaba Aboriginal Sans Arial Nirmala UI, Mangal GF Zemen Unicode BPG Classic 99U Shruti Khmer OS Tunga, AksharUnicode Arial Rachana_w01, AnjaliOldLipi, Kartika, ThoolikaUnicode ori1Uni, Kalinga Iskoola Pota, AksharUnicode Gautami, Akshar Unicode Tibetan Machine Uni, Jomolhari, Microsoft Himalaya Arial Arial Microsoft YaHei, SimHei Arial, MingLiU_HKSCS, Ming(for ISO10646), MingLiU, MingLiU_HKSCS-ExtB Arial, Microsoft JhengHei, PMingLiU, MingLiU, MingLiU-ExtB Times New Roman Times New Roman Narkisim, David Yu Mincho, MS PMincho, MS Mincho, Meiryo, Yu Gothic, MS PGothic, MS Gothic Batang, Gulim Tahoma Sylfaen Vrinda, Akaash, Likhan, Ekushey Punarbhaba Aboriginal Serif, BJCree Uni Times New Roman Kokila, Raghindi Visual Geez Unicode, Visual Geez Unicode Agazian Sylfaen, BPG Paata Khutsuri U, TITUS Cyberbit Basic Shruti Raavi, Saab PhnomPenh OT,.Mondulkiri U GR 1.5, Khmer OS Tunga, AksharUnicode Latin Modern Math, STIX Two Math, XITS Math, Cambria Math, Libertinus Math, DejaVu Math TeX Gyre, TeX Gyre Bonum Math, TeX Gyre Pagella Math, TeX Gyre Schola, TeX Gyre Termes Math, STIX Math, Asana Math, STIXGeneral, DejaVu Serif, DejaVu Sans, Times New Roman Rachana_w01, AnjaliOldLipi, Kartika, ThoolikaUnicode ori1Uni, Kalinga Iskoola Pota, AksharUnicode Latha Gautami, Akshar Unicode Tibetan Machine Uni, Jomolhari, Microsoft Himalaya Times New Roman Times New Roman SimSun, MS Song, SimSun-ExtB Times New Roman, MingLiu_HKSCS, Ming(for ISO10646), MingLiU, MingLiU_HKSCS-ExtB Times New Roman, PMingLiu, MingLiU, MingLiU-ExtB Lucida Sans Typewriter Lucida Sans Typewriter Lucida Sans Typewriter Arial Arial Arial Arial Arial Arial 13
font.size.fixed.el 14
font.size.fixed.he 13
font.size.fixed.ja 16
font.size.fixed.ko 16 13
font.size.fixed.x-armn 13
font.size.fixed.x-beng 13
font.size.fixed.x-cans 13
font.size.fixed.x-cyrillic 13
font.size.fixed.x-devanagari 13
font.size.fixed.x-ethi 13
font.size.fixed.x-geor 13
font.size.fixed.x-gujr 13
font.size.fixed.x-guru 13
font.size.fixed.x-khmr 13
font.size.fixed.x-knda 13
font.size.fixed.x-math 13
font.size.fixed.x-mlym 13
font.size.fixed.x-orya 13
font.size.fixed.x-sinh 13
font.size.fixed.x-tamil 13
font.size.fixed.x-telu 13
font.size.fixed.x-tibt 13
font.size.fixed.x-unicode 14
font.size.fixed.x-western 14
font.size.fixed.zh-CN 16
font.size.fixed.zh-HK 16
font.size.fixed.zh-TW 16
font.size.inflation.disabledInMasterProcess false
font.size.inflation.emPerLine 0
font.size.inflation.forceEnabled false
font.size.inflation.lineThreshold 400
font.size.inflation.mappingIntercept 1
font.size.inflation.maxRatio 0
font.size.inflation.minTwips 0
font.size.systemFontScale 100 16
font.size.variable.el 14
font.size.variable.he 16
font.size.variable.ja 16
font.size.variable.ko 16 16
font.size.variable.x-armn 16
font.size.variable.x-beng 16
font.size.variable.x-cans 16
font.size.variable.x-cyrillic 16
font.size.variable.x-devanagari 16
font.size.variable.x-ethi 16
font.size.variable.x-geor 16
font.size.variable.x-gujr 16
font.size.variable.x-guru 16
font.size.variable.x-khmr 16
font.size.variable.x-knda 16
font.size.variable.x-math 16
font.size.variable.x-mlym 16
font.size.variable.x-orya 16
font.size.variable.x-sinh 16
font.size.variable.x-tamil 16
font.size.variable.x-telu 16
font.size.variable.x-tibt 16
font.size.variable.x-unicode 14
font.size.variable.x-western 14
font.size.variable.zh-CN 16
font.size.variable.zh-HK 16
font.size.variable.zh-TW 16
gfx.downloadable_fonts.disable_cache false
gfx.downloadable_fonts.enabled true
gfx.downloadable_fonts.fallback_delay 3000
gfx.downloadable_fonts.fallback_delay_short 100
gfx.downloadable_fonts.keep_color_bitmaps false
gfx.downloadable_fonts.otl_validation true
gfx.downloadable_fonts.validate_variation_tables true
gfx.downloadable_fonts.woff2.enabled true
gfx.font_ahem_antialias_none false
gfx.font_loader.delay 120000
gfx.font_loader.interval 1000
gfx.font_rendering.cleartype_params.cleartype_level -1
gfx.font_rendering.cleartype_params.enhanced_contrast -1
gfx.font_rendering.cleartype_params.force_gdi_classic_for_families Arial,Consolas,Courier New,Microsoft Sans Serif,Segoe UI,Tahoma,Trebuchet MS,Verdana
gfx.font_rendering.cleartype_params.force_gdi_classic_max_size 15
gfx.font_rendering.cleartype_params.gamma -1
gfx.font_rendering.cleartype_params.pixel_structure -1
gfx.font_rendering.cleartype_params.rendering_mode -1
gfx.font_rendering.directwrite.use_gdi_table_loading true
gfx.font_rendering.fallback.always_use_cmaps false
gfx.font_rendering.graphite.enabled true
gfx.font_rendering.opentype_svg.enabled true
gfx.font_rendering.wordcache.charlimit 32
gfx.font_rendering.wordcache.maxentries 10000
gfx.missing_fonts.notify false
intl.imm.composition_font.japanist_2003 MS PGothic
layout.css.font-display.enabled true
layout.css.font-loading-api.enabled true
layout.css.font-variations.enabled true
layout.css.osx-font-smoothing.enabled false
layout.css.prefixes.font-features true
pdfjs.disableFontFace false
print.font-variations-as-paths true
reader.font_size 5
reader.font_type sans-serif

Flags: needinfo?(koutris)

Cool, bug 1536718 should fix this then.

Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: 1536718
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