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16 years ago
9 years ago


(Reporter: Vicki Brown, Unassigned)


Mac OS X

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16 years ago
As I was filling in data in the forms manager I was tabbing to each next 
field. The first tab gets me there but nothing I type is inserted. The 
_second_ tab keeps me there and now I can insert text. This is weird and, 
well, wrong.

Comment 1

16 years ago
That's a problem with the editable menulist widget.  Reassigning
Assignee: morse → jaggernaut
Component: Form Manager → XP Toolkit/Widgets
QA Contact: tpreston → jrgm

Comment 2

16 years ago
Vicki, what Build ID are you reporting this against? Also, please provide
step-by-step instructions to reproduce this problem. (It will help the bug be
processed quicker.) Thanks.
Severity: major → trivial

Comment 3

16 years ago
This is in 1.0 build 2002052918 and it is NOT trivial. For anyone who has 
used Mac OS this is a major failing of the UI.  Probably for WIndows or *
nix users too, frankly. One should never need to tab _IN_ a field to get 
insertion to work!

And I think "tab to next firelde in Forms Manager" is pretty much "step by 
step instructiions" don't you?  But if you insist:

1) Open Preferences
2) Go to Privacy & Security
3) Go to Forms
3) Click Manage Stored Form Data
4) tab till insertion point is in First:
5) Tyr to type something; nothing happens
6) tab again, insertion point remains in First:
7) type and see text
8) tab to Middle, try to type, nothing happens
9)tab again, cursor remains in Middle
10) type and see text
11) rinse, repeat
Severity: trivial → major

Comment 4

16 years ago
please stop fighting over severity. this bug is no more than normal, i'd side 
w/ greg but it isn't worth my time either. macos users tend to rely on the 
mouse, apply designed its entire ui based on that concept. as such complaining 
that some rare keyboard functionality doesn't work perfectly can't be major.
Assignee: jaggernaut → hewitt
Severity: major → normal

Comment 5

16 years ago
I WORKED at Apple for 11 years, did you? I started in 1986... did you?

Mac users rely on consistency of interface and this is a BUG. Mac users 
tab through fields a lot - in IE, in Netscape, in preference fields, in 
databases, in Excel.

I'll accept normal, but THIS IS A BUG and don't you _dare_ try to tell _me_ 
what Mac users rely on!

Comment 6

16 years ago
Confirmed using FizzillaCFM/2002061014.

Vicki, understand that marking a bug Trivial doesn't indicate that I think
you're trivial, that the problem is irrelevant, or that you don't know what
you're talking about. It indicates the impact the bug has on the product. Have a
look at the Severity definitions. Compared to crashers and problems where the
product just doesn't work as opposed to those where it works, but wrongly,
something like this is, in fact, trivial.

Finally, just because something is trivial doesn't mean it won't get fixed, nor
does it mean it won't get fixed quickly.

For what it's worth, Macs have been my machine of choice since 1987.
Ever confirmed: true
Assignee: hewitt → nobody
QA Contact: jrgmorrison → xptoolkit.widgets
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