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Add support for branched add-on studies, with automatic telemetry


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Historically, Normandy add-on studies have had to handle branch management and marking experiments as active internally to the add-on. This has caused inconsistencies, re-work, and several bugs since the feature has been introduced. We should change that.

This bug covers introducing a new action that takes branch instructions in its arguments. Each branch will specify a slug, enrollment ratio, and an extension to use for that branch.

The extension for each branch may be duplicated, or may be null. Studies will be given a way to query the chosen branch, for studies that handle branching in a single add-on. Studies that ship one add-on per branch don't need such a query.

This action should also include enrollment events, marking telemetry experiments as active, and all other applicable Telemetry. The new action should have the same Telemetry characteristics as Preference Experiments, where possible.

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