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Simplify accessible/tests/browser/.eslintrc.js and enable a few rules enabled in the global configuration


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accessible/tests/browser/.eslintrc.js contains various definitions for ESLint rules which are set to "off" unnecessarily - we don't turn them on in the default configuration for the tree. If we do, then we'd prefer to enable them everywhere so that there is as much consistency as possible.

Additionally, there's a few rules which it currently disables which are on for the rest of the tree and are trivial to enable. So I think we should enable those.

To answer Alexander's comment on phabricator - yes the intention is to get our configurations as similar as possible across the tree to make it easier for developers.

There's a bit more background on my blog. We'll need to do more work over time to figure out the best options for everyone, but I'm hoping that we can largely get consistent rules everywhere for ESLint.

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Remove unnecessary rule definitions (obsolete, no need to override etc) in accessible/tests/browser/.eslintrc.js. r=surkov
Enable some ESLint rules in accessible/tests/browser where they are already enabled in the global configuration. r=surkov
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