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[translate] Add support for in-context localization


(Webtools :: Pontoon, enhancement, P5)



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As part of Translate.Next rewrite we need to figure out the architecture of in-context localization: either we implement something completely different or fix bug 1303066.

We should figure out what do with in-context l10n support first, let's do that in Q4.

Priority: P4 → P2
Blocks: 1303066

Over the last few months two groups of people have spoken in favour of re-implementing in-context localization:

  • People how want to use it to localize their projects
  • People who said they got attracted to Pontoon primarily by this feature (2 core contributors)

So let's do this. I'm leaving this bug open as a tracker and closing 1303066. We'll need a specification before moving forward.

We currently don't have a specific need for in-context l10n at Mozilla, hence the P5.

Priority: P2 → P5
See Also: → 1303066
Summary: [Translate.Next] Add support for in-context localization → [translate] Add support for in-context localization

I was wondering if this means there currently is not in-context support with in pontoon?
If so, are you aware that it is still mentioned on

Hi Fritz. That is correct - in-context l10n is not supported ATM.

And we should remove that block until it is.

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