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[remote-dbg-next] Change wording in UI from `runtime` to `browser`


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Since we got a few reports that in the sidebar Waiting for runtime... is confusing.

This is why we want to change the wording from Waiting for runtime... to Waiting for browser....

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Harald, how do you feel about using Browser rather than Runtime when communicating to the user. Even though it should be possible to build non-browser apps with GV, we feel "browser" will be less confusing for the main target audience. All the GV based products we have seen so far are browsers as well.

Per off-thread conversation, browser makes more sense here.

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Hi everyone,

Is the wording agreed on already? Can I try to implement?


Is the wording agreed on already? Can I try to implement?

Yes! Thank you, Melina, for double-checking!

Mellina, since you already have another remote-debugging bug assigned (thank you!), I prefer to check if you want to take this one right now or if you prefer to focus on the other bug.

In the meantime, a few pointers about the changes needed here. We want to rename from "Runtime" to "Browser" in all the strings displayed to our users. All the strings of about:debugging-new are localized, and you can find them in

Most entries in this file are key-value pairs such as

about-debugging-sidebar-runtime-item-waiting-for-runtime = Waiting for runtime…

In our components you can see where the string is used by looking up the key (string id):

    const displayName = isUnknown ?
      getString("about-debugging-sidebar-runtime-item-waiting-for-runtime") : name;

! When we want to update the value of a string, we also need to update the corresponding key. This is detailed in the localization guidelines !

So here if we will need to change the id about-debugging-sidebar-runtime-item-waiting-for-runtime and to update SidebarRuntimeItem.js accordingly.

Looking at the other strings in the file, to be consistent we should also update:

  • about-debugging-runtime-version-too-old
  • about-debugging-runtime-version-too-old-67-debugger
  • about-debugging-runtime-version-too-recent
  • about-debugging-main-process-description

In theory we should also change about-debugging-runtime-profile-button but Harald is proposing a different string in Bug 1537992. Let's avoid updating this string twice, we can deal with it in Bug 1537992

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See Also: → 1537992

Hi Julian,

Thanks for all the information!

Just to check if I'm getting this issue right: you want that all occurances of runtime are replaced to browser, is that correct?

I'm sending an initial patch just for this check and will do for the rest of the occurances.


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Hi Mellina, thanks for the first patch, it looks good!

you want that all occurances of runtime are replaced to browser, is that correct?

That's correct :) We should replace runtime by browser in all the strings below:

  • about-debugging-runtime-version-too-old
  • about-debugging-runtime-version-too-old-67-debugger
  • about-debugging-runtime-version-too-recent
  • about-debugging-main-process-description

(should be very similar to what you did for about-debugging-sidebar-runtime-item-waiting-for-runtime in the current patch).

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Change wording in UI from `runtime` to `browser` r=jdescottes,flod

Sorry about that Noemi, thanks for the backout! A few tests need to be updated, I missed this during the review :/

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Change wording in UI from `runtime` to `browser` r=jdescottes,flod
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