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Setup WNP for users coming from <67.0 and receiving the 67.0 release


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Not set


(firefox67+ fixed, firefox68 fixed)

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firefox67 + fixed
firefox68 --- fixed


(Reporter: erenaud, Assigned: sfraser)




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Request is to have the product point to the /whatsnew page in the Firefox 67.0 release and show it (WNP).

  • We still need to include id and zh-TW independently, because they have their own template.

  • en-GB needs to be included by activating the file manually en-US to show up in the URL implying that we need L10n (Peiying) to manually activate the file.

  • TBD on content for the page, but new copy and design is indicated.

  • The Accounts team is onboard with the required schedule milestones

Deadline for final copy - 4/5
Deadline for final design - 4/16
Coded page on demo for stakeholder QA review - 4/30
RC week - 5/6
WNP 67 page go live - on or before - 5/6
Release date - 5/14

Summary: Setup WNP for users coming from <66.0 and receiving the 66.0 release → Setup WNP for users coming from <67.0 and receiving the 67.0 release

(In reply to Eric Renaud [:erenaud] from comment #0)

Deadline for final copy - 4/5

Was the final copy sent to the l10n pipeline?

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(In reply to Pascal Chevrel:pascalc from comment #1)

Was the final copy sent to the l10n pipeline?

Final copy wasn't delivered until midday on April 8, working on getting strings coded and extracted now for exposure to l10n ASAP.

Flags: needinfo?(erenaud)

Pardon me that I didn't notice this ticket earlier.
We just decided the current zh-TW whatsnew page template can be removed. (But we'll keep the Indonesian template)
I just filed a ticket for that here:

Apparently I can't tag or edit a comment (filed bug 1548758 for that).

Better list for releng

          - be
          - bs
          - cak
          - cs
          - cy
          - da
          - de
          - el
          - en-CA
          - en-GB
          - en-US
          - es-AR
          - es-ES
          - fr
          - fy-NL
          - hu
          - ia
          - id
          - it
          - ka
          - nl
          - nn-NO
          - pl
          - pt-BR
          - pt-PT
          - rm
          - ro
          - ru
          - sk
          - sl
          - sq
          - sv-SE
          - tr
          - uk
          - vi
          - zh-CN
          - zh-TW

Not sure who's in charge on RelEng, given jlund is out and this bug is unassigned. Maybe Tom?

:sfraser is on releaseduty for the 67 cycle (see here).

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Assignee: nobody → sfraser
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Pushed by
add WNP list for 67.0 r=flod a=release
Pushed by
Revert changes to beta locales for 68.0.
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

Simon, flod. This was a bug for the 67 release, it is marked as fixed but 67 is still marked as affected and if I look at it doesn't seem to match the list of locales I see in comment #5.

Coud you confirm that what we have on the beta branch is what we want for our 67 release? Thanks

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Flags: needinfo?(francesco.lodolo)

+1 from me, looks like searchfox is out of date.

Flags: needinfo?(sfraser)

Thanks, setting 67 as fixed then :)

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