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Username not saved or filled on (Merrill Lynch benefits)


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug 1427204 +++

(Quoting Kelly Kane from bug 1427204 comment #3)

Installed Nightly 68.0a1 (2019-03-21) (64-bit) (First time installing a nightly on this computer ever.) Ran it with all default settings.

  2. Enter correct username and password. Click login, successfully logs in.
  3. Prompted to save (yay) however just the password with a blank username.
  4. Enter username, hit save. Verify username and password stored in password manager. Close tab.
  5. Clear Data (Options -> Privacy -> Clear Data, leave both boxes checked, confirm) and restart firefox nightly.
  6. Visit, username and password not auto-filled. Select password box, little dropdown from the password manager shows the key icon with my username. Click it. Password is filled in, not username. Manually enter username, click Log In. Successfully login.

Partial success - it's definitely capturing that it's a login screen and storing the password, but it's not seeing the username.

Kelly, can you attach debug logging using the instructions from

Flags: needinfo?(bugzilla)

I think this is what you need? Ran the same nightly install from comment #1 with my password still saved. about:config, signon.debug=true, close about:config, open "Browser Console" (there is no "js" button), then visit the site and login per my method above. I haven't cleared data since the last run.

Flags: needinfo?(bugzilla)

Yes, thank you!

Some key pieces of information from that are:

Login storage: _searchLogins: returning 1 logins for
Object { hostname: "", formSubmitURL: "" }
with options
Object { schemeUpgrades: true }

The form action and hostname match.

(form ignored -- too many password fields. [ got 6 ])
LoginManagerContent: not filling form, no password field found LoginHelper.jsm:87:24

This would be the main problem… I actually don't think I knew that we had a password field limit…

Assignee: nobody → MattN+bmo

Just removing the password field limit wouldn't help with autofilling the password as the correct one isn't first and without a recipe we would end up filling the first one. I think a recipe is the only solution for now.

Also note that the six password fields aren't being used just to mess with password managers, they are actually valid fields for entering new passwords and security questions/answers so other than autocomplete=off it doesn't seem like this is getting into an arms race.

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Add recipe with username and password selectors for r=jaws
Closed: 2 years ago
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Target Milestone: --- → mozilla68

Works for me!

Installed today's nightly (68.0a1 (2019-03-26) (64-bit)), deleted all saved passwords, deleted data, and hit refresh firefox[1]. Repeated login steps and I was correctly prompted to save the password. Logged out, closed the tab, went back to the site and my username/password was prefilled, login worked.

Thank you!


Thanks for checking!


Updating flags based on the above comments.

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