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crashinject.exe and crashinjectdll.dll missing from Windows common.tests.tar.gz


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In bug 1534858 I noticed that crashinject.exe and crashinjectdll.dll are missing from the common.tests archive, because they are missing from the list at

I think crashinject should be included in the tests archive because test automation code expects it:

However, adding a dll to that list also accidentally includes the dll in the archive, which is clearly wrong, and resulted in backout of my proposed change:

:glandium noted:

Be is a an artifact builds, and artifact builds install *.dll :( (see
Part of the problem is that dist/bin is kind of polluted with non-Firefox things.
Part of the problem is that wildcard for artifact builds.

I'm not sure how to address that.

Chris do you have any ideas how to address this issue?

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I think we need to be smarter about figuring out which msvc dlls the build needs, so an improvement to this:

I can take a look at this later in the week if need be.

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gbrown, is this something you can take a look at based on comment 2, or should I find some time to take a look?

Thanks Chris, but I'm not very comfortable with build changes and I'm pretty busy. It would be great if you could take this.

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Use less general wildcard patterns when packaging dlls in an artifact build. r=nalexander
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