Page timeouts are ignored during cold page-load test suites

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5 months ago
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(Reporter: rwood, Assigned: Bebe)


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When running Raptor cold page-load (i.e. tp6m-c-1) if there is a timeout when loading the test page during any one of the browser cycles, that particular browser cycle finishes but then the other browser cycles continue. Then the test will finish and will just include the successful browser cycles in the results (i.e. 9 out of 10 if one timed out). The timeout for a page load is visible in the logs, but the next browser cycle continues - and as long as there is one successful page load then the results will be reported.

Instead, if any one of the page-loads times out, that should stop all remaining browser cycles, and the entire cold load test should fail out reporting the page timeout.

:bebe could you pick this up now that Rob is on PTO?

Assignee: rwood → fstrugariu
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Looks like there are two issues here:

  1. we don't check for timeouts between pagecycles
  2. sometimes the timeout from wait_for_test_finish overtires all exceptions
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I suspect this is the cause of strange errors in the Fenix tests, such as where we fail with a KeyError when attempting to combine the results.

:rwood could you review Bebe's patch and land it if it looks good to you? This will likely still give us errors on the Fenix jobs but at least they will be timeouts and much easier to understand.

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Yes sorry it was the first one in my review queue today, I'm on it now :) thanks

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Is there a try push for this please :bebe?

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Flags: needinfo?(fstrugariu)
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Page timeouts are ignored during cold page-load test suites r=rwood,davehunt
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