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[Ubuntu] Photo warping with WEBGL not consistent


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firefox66 --- wontfix
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firefox68 --- fix-optional


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Affected versions

  • Firefox 67.0b7 (20190331141835)
  • Firefox 65.0 (20190124174741)
  • Firefox 68.0a1 (20190402214908)
  • Firefox 66.0.2 (20190326175229)

Affected platforms

  • Ubuntu 18.04 x64

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Firefox and go to
  2. Drag the photo from the edges.

Expected result

  • Photo is modified and background remains white.

Actual result

  • Gray background appears when dragging the photo.

Regression range

  • This is not a recent regression as I can reproduce on 54.0a1 (20170202110108) as well. I will investigate further in case of an old regression.

Additional Notes

  • On Windows 7 x64 the issue is reproducible with layers.acceleration.disabled set to true.
  • Attached a screenshot with the issue.
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Regressed by:
6e02d48ef122 Lee Salzman — Bug 1323284 - don't enable GL compositor by default on Linux nightly. r=milan

Has Regression Range: no → yes
Regressed by: 1323284
Priority: -- → P5
See Also: → 1569933
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