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Allow data.drop / elem.drop without memory or tables


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Firefox will reject data.drop and elem.drop if there is no memory or table in the module, but this is apparently a bug according to the current spec, see I've asked for clarification but we may have to lift this restriction.

We can wait a few days to see if there's any more discussion but if not we should consider this a bug on our side.

Assignee: nobody → jseward

Discussion resolved; we need to fix this.

Our Wasm implementations current reject data.drop and elem.drop if there is no
memory or table in the module. This isn't consistent with the current
bulk-memory specification, though.

This patch fixes that by slightly loosening the relevant checks, so as to
allow a segment to be dropped even if there is no memory, providing that that
segment is a passive one.

Most of the changes are in the test file passive-segs-nonboundary.js:

  • There are four new checks for data.drop without memory and the equivalents
    for table.drop.

  • Test construction function do_test has been made more flexible, so it is
    now possible to independently specify whether a table/memory is present,
    whether active initialisers are present, and whether passive initialisers
    are present.

In WasmModule.cpp, a couple of places where a segment vector was asserted to
be empty have been changed to assert that it contains only passive segments.
Attempts to do this using std::all_of and a closure were unsuccessful (see bug
1547031) and instead a debug-only helper function AllSegmentsArePassive was

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Allow data.drop / elem.drop without memory or tables.  r=lhansen.
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