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Make resizability of windows computed.


(Core :: XUL, enhancement, P3)






(Reporter: CodeMachine, Assigned: eric)


I'm assigning this to you because I was talking to you about this on the
newsgroups.  If you're not the relevant person, I assume you'll know the best
person to reassign it to.

Anyway, this is basically the request that min and max bounds actually work in
terms of that they can be passed to prevent the user from changing the window
size outside of the max/min bounds.

If the max and min bounds are equal, the window is not resizable.

Once this is done, the ability to specify resizability in XUL should be removed.

Related to this is bug #4909 (make prefs non resizable) and bug #2939 (make
filters resizable).

Resizability should always be based on content.  Any problems with the Mozilla
implementation of this should be fixed rather than using manual specification as
a kludge.
Target Milestone: M14
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Adding hyatt since he'd probably be interested in this and might not know of
this report.

I suggest this should be moz1.0 as it would likely involve removing explicit
resizability specification from XUL.
1. Open Mailnews msg standalone msg window. Use a normal text msg, not bugzilla
2. Resize so the msg wraps at ~40-60 columns.

Actual result:
Vertical scrollbar disappears.
(That's because the buttons on the toolbar are wider than the window width,
which seems to push the scrollbar in the invisible area.)

Expected result:
Vertical scrollbar is alowas visible, if needed.
2 possible expected results otherwise:
1. The window cannot be made so small, that some buttons wouldn't be visible.
2. *Only* the parts of the window which are too large, in this case the toolbar,
get partially invisible. However, on the left of the scrollbar, there is a
flexible area with still much of space (the msg body), so the scrollbar can and
should still be visible, although some buttons aren't visible anymore. This is
my preferred solution, because it allows me to make the window small, but still
have it being functional, apart from a few missing buttons. IIRC, this is what
the MSIE suite (MSIE, MSOE etc.) do, too.
To make it really good, the throbber should be cover the buttons, too. However,
this is probably difficult (changing XUL spec and apps).
Keywords: mozilla1.0
Component: XP Toolkit/Widgets: XUL → XUL
QA Contact: jrgmorrison → xptoolkit.widgets
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