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Port | Bug 394984 Unable to update on mac if admin user is not the same admin user as the person who installed firefox| to SeaMonkey


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Port following bugs:

  • Bug 394984 - Enable any admin user on OSX to update Firefox, build config changes
  • Bug 1278042 - If update is disabled, don't copy LaunchServices

Comment 0 from Bug 394984:
software update disabled on the mac if admin user is not the same admin user as the person who installed firefox

rhian had a machine that was stuck on, and the problem was that software update was disabled because she could not write to the application directory.

/Applications/ was owned by "501", which was probably the previous owner for the laptop (mrz?)

The perms for that directory are:

drwxr-xr-x 3 501 admin 102 Jul 28 2006 .

as the "rhian" user, even though she is an admin user, she can't create the update.test file under there, so update was disabled.

note, I think the fix for bug #393782 will help address this sort of thing, as we can make it part of the "why can't I update faq" for mac.

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Makes sense (not tested, code inspection only).
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I am quite sure this won't work because our app is not signed. And if it were we would need to add different key details here.

TB did add some other stuff too. Do we need this?

We might need a developer ID and notarize it too. 

Clearing review until the fog clears a little. We probably need to do some research here first. Setting NI to myself for later.
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