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Guard against line breaks adjacent to tags inside links




16 years ago
8 years ago


(Reporter: Akkana Peck, Unassigned)



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16 years ago
Bug 126259 points out a common problem which happens when you have a line break
adjacent to an <img> tag which is inside a link: the line break is treated as
whitespace and displayed as an underlined space, i.e. a blue (or otherwise link
colored) underscore.  This is a bug in layout -- it's clear from the W3C spec
that the linebreak is supposed to be treated as insignificant whitespace -- but
even if we fix this bug (bug 20163 and/or bug 1777), many other browsers
(including NS4) also have this bug, so we shouldn't produce html which will
trigger it.

Bug 126259 took out the forced linebreak that prettyprint was adding, but we'll
still add line breaks sometimes during the course of wrapping.  The wrapping
code in the html serializer should be smartened, so that it never emits line
breaks in situations that would be visible in a browser.
Parser bug, not a layout bug. See bug 2750.

Comment 2

16 years ago
Probably a layout bug.  The parser can't discard that information -- it keeps
formatting whitespace for completeness, and so that something resembling the
original document can be regenerated by the serializer.  (I'll say so in that
bug, since apparently it's not clear.)
Assignee: harishd → nobody
QA Contact: sujay → dom-to-text
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