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npmjs search broken for some results, NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE reported to console


(Core :: DOM: Navigation, defect, P3)

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This is
(not sure this is the right component)

Steps to reproduce

  2. click on mysql (the first result)
  3. See the error message

When we click, an xhr request is made to

This download a JSON file where one of the values is huge.

the "readme" in this JSON is 356629 characters long.

When I shorten the value of the readme, it loads without issue.

Flags: webcompat?

If I download the JSON file manually (a 365K file) and JSON.parse it in the JS shell, everything works fine.

The exception is thrown somewhere on the DOM side.

Component: JavaScript Engine → DOM: Core & HTML
Summary: json value seems to have a limit in size which is lower than Chrome → npmjs search broken for some results, NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE reported to console

A debug build shows we're failing this check:

  NS_ENSURE_TRUE(scSize <= (uint32_t)maxStateObjSize, NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE);


And indeed, changing the browser.history.maxStateObjectSize pref does fix this.

Type: task → defect
Component: DOM: Core & HTML → Document Navigation

I'm not seeing any limitation in Chrome. Pushing very state object just ends up crashing the child process in Chrome eventually. And we have very small limit

I wonder how sessionstore should work with massive jsons.

(Testing Chrome is a bit hard since its session history seems to be rather broken when one uses pushState)

Short term should we just bump the limit to work around this?

Probably, but need to ensure nothing catastrophic happens with sessionstore.
Perhaps Mike knows that part better? Do we somehow limit the size of data in session store?

Flags: needinfo?(mdeboer)

Well, it'll effectively grow the entries array per tab and increase the potential parse-time of the JSON when read from disk. We don't cap or limit the amount of entries we keep, nor the total size of data.

So nothing catastrophic will happen, but I would advise to keep browser.history.maxStateObjectSize, but set it to something sane that would make it unlikely to crash the process.

Flags: needinfo?(mdeboer)

ok, so the tricky question is then what would be a reasonable value.
But then, we don't really limit how many times pushState can be called, so the storage is already unlimited in some sense.

ah, yes, there is limit 50. So currently state objects may store < 32768000 bytes.

Based on nothing, perhaps we could increase the per state limit to 2097151 ((1 << 21) - 1),
altogether max 104857550

I think in the future (I guess once we have the new sessionstore implementation), we should probably strip session history entries which contain too large state objects. Just store the initial page load for the site.

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increase history.state size limit, r=qdot
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