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[Translate.Next] Consecutive approve/disapprove a suggestion ends up in gray page


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(Reporter: MikkCZ, Assigned: mathjazz)


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I have started from an already approved string and tried to un-review it and approve it again. After several click, probably some race condition occurred and I ended with a page with background colour only.

Expected outcome:
The string should correctly change state each time the (✔️) button is clicked.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a translation view on the URL above.
  2. Click on the (✔️) button several times (at least four or five times quickly).
  3. First I experienced some kind of lag before the string state changed. Eventually I ended with gray page with the URL changes to the next string

Note: I have noticed each time I click the (✔️) button, the machinery tabs are reloaded (or at least their headers). AFAIK this was not the case.

Attached file HTML.html

Here is the HTML I have copied our from the DevTools explorer. That should reflect the actual state of DOM at the moment.

And here are all the messaged from browser console. I am sorry for the error messages being shown in Czech. I can try to mass translated them for you back to English.

The same problem is reproducible with already rejected string.

Alternative STR:

  1. Open
  2. Click on the (x) button quickly several time to un/reject the suggestion.
  3. The result is the some even though you haven't been moved to any other string. The URL is still
Priority: -- → P3

I'm unable to reproduce the "grey page" attached in Comment 1, nor the error attached in Comment 2.

However, we should still prevent multiple parallel review/submit requests.

Assignee: nobody → m
Whiteboard: tn-testing-2
Closed: 7 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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