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Adding menu keyboard navigation test, issue with window-manager-less test environment


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As part of adding UI regression testing in thunderbird, discussed on , we will need to use menus. I have prepared a unit test doing menu navigation tests, which I'll post on this bug report.

One issue I have with this unit test, however, is that if I run it in a Linux environment which does not have a window manager, such as xvfb-run (xvfb-run ./mach marionette-test), the menus do not remain open, they close shortly after opening. It seems that in the try server environment the problem arises. If it is thus ok to add such test that fails in xvfb-run, we can close this bug along with landing the test. If it is not, that bug will prevent us from testing many features of Thunderbird if we can't really open menus, and we will have to fix it along landing the test.


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While looking at the existing, I realize that it directly clicks on menu items without even opening the menu. That is something that thunderbird UI regression testing could use too indeed.

The proposed unit test addition however still holds to make sure that keyboard navigation works as expected.

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From comments in , the keyboard navigation in menus is supposed to be already tested by mochitests.

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