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Enhancement: about:config should list all blink, animation, and other safety settings


(Firefox :: Preferences, enhancement)

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Steps to reproduce:

I started a new FF 66 installation.

Actual results:

When I searched about:config for "blink", ui.caretBlinkTime did not appear. I had to create it myself.

Users looking for blink settings may not find that one, since it's not there until we create it.

Expected results:

  1. uicaretBlinkTime should show up, with its default value, so users can find it and apply a safe value, instead of having to create it.

  2. All blink, animation, and other safety settings should show up with obvious searches such as "blink," or "animation," or other appropriate terms, respectively.

Hi @MarjaE, the preference you referred "ui.caretBlinkTime", can be simple created, I guess isn't an issue not being there by default, is more like an enhancement thing. If you add this preference you should do that: after you open about:config, context-click (right-click) anywhere in the list of preferences and in the context menu > New > integer > give the name ui.caretBlinkTime > set the value at 0 (zero) or depends the scope of using, you can change this value.

I will add to this issue a component and change the type to Enhancement. Thanks for your contribution.

Test it if you can add this preference and you can see the effect of it then if some problem occurs will change it as an issue.

Type: defect → enhancement
Component: Untriaged → Preferences
Flags: needinfo?(erwinm)

I can add it. I have added it. My concerns are that:

  1. Users searching for available safety settings will not see it.

  2. I can't check what I've typed, and what I've mis-typed, with a blinding cursor. It's a catch-22. I have to copy and paste to create the setting.

Flags: needinfo?(erwinm)

Hi @MarjaE, as I said above, this property "ui.caretBlinkTime" isn't there (in about:config) by default, more than that it shouldn't. If you want to add it you should do what I've said in comment 1. So, in conclusion I will repeat that, it's more an enhancement thing and we let the dev's team to decide about it. Thanks for your report.

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