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HEAD request return contents that was cached from a previous GET request


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Steps to reproduce:

According to the docs, HEAD requests should not have a body, and if the server does return a body, it must be ignored:

However, Firefox will incorrectly return a response body for a HEAD request if the contents of the URL has been cached from a prior GET request.

I'm attaching a test case; you can also access it at

Open the console, then click "HEAD", "GET", "HEAD". The first HEAD will work correctly, while the second one will return a body.

Actual results:

HEAD returns contents

Expected results:

HEAD should not return contents

Real-life example of where this comes up: AWS SDK's "headObject" method tries to parse the response body as XML and fails (unless the file actually contains XML, which is usually not the case). Not sure why it's trying to parse it as XML - but it works fine when there is no response body.

Reproduced comment 0 on 68.0a1 20190418221600, 67.0b11 20190415085659, 66.0.3 20190409155332 using Ubuntu 16.04/x64.

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Fix the DOCTYPE - not sure what happened there.

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According to the spec, we should ignore the response body for the HEAD and CONNECT requests.

This should land early for 69, IMO.

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Ignore response body if method is HEAD or CONNECT r=mayhemer
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Hi, I managed to reproduce this issue in older versions of Firefox but this issue no longer occurs in Nightly 69.0a1 (2019-05-29).

Works for me in the nightly builds. Thanks everyone!

Since this is a Wont fix in other versions I will updated the flags.

Flags: qe-verify+
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