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Global DevTools shortcuts are broken when running in frame with type=content


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(firefox68 fixed)

Firefox 68
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firefox68 --- fixed


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Split from Bug 1543940.

Fixing keyboard shortcuts in frames with type=content can be done independently of the work on context menu.


  • set content="type" for devtools frames (in toolbox-hosts::createDevToolsFrame() add frame.setAttribute("type", "content");)
  • some shortcuts are no longer working. eg:
    • select a node in markup-view
    • press search shortcut (cmd+F on osx)
      ER: Inspector search is focused
      AR: Browser search is started and focused

We need to rely on the chromeEventHandler from the toolbox to fix this.

Depends on D27672

Will be used both for shortcuts and contextmenu events in the toolbox.

Blocks: 1543940
Depends on: 1544749

Depends on D27683
As we will move shortcuts to use chromeEventHandler as their target, we need an easy way to add and remove them on host switch.
The chromeEventHandler will change when switching from window to docked hosts (and vice versa)

Depends on D27686
Toolbox, zoom keys and inspector search should use the chromeeventhandler as event target.
They need to capture events from inner frames.

Type: defect → enhancement
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Move all shortcuts registration for toolbox in addShortcuts method r=ochameau
Use chromeEventHandler for splitConsole events r=ochameau
Register global keyboard shortcuts on chromeEventHandler r=ochameau
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 68
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