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Create gtest for AudioCallbackDriver::Revive method


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It requires to create a fake cubeb backend and plug it in AudioCallbackDriver. The benefit is that as soon as we have it in place we can use it to test more AudioCallbackDriver methods with gtests.

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Extract the existing MockCubeb logic from TestAudioDeviceEnumerator to a separate reusable header.

On MochCubeb add a fake audio thread and the corresponding methods for stream_{init,start,stop,destroy}.

IsStarted may not be updated at the time Revive() method is executed since the update of the flag happens on the async operation. This will be the case if Revive is executed right after Start. When that happens the revive method asserts that the stream is started.

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Move MockCubeb on a seperate reusable header. r=padenot
Enhance MockCubeb class to simulate a cubeb stream. r=padenot
Execute revive logic in operation thread. r=padenot
Create a gtest that exercises revive method of AudioCallbackDriver. r=padenot
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