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You need a login to access the site fully. Here is a test account 
from bug 97994, "Online store does not work"

                    password: bugzilla

1. Load
2. Click on the "Shopping" tab at the top
3. Click on "Groceries from your local Tesco" near the top
4. Login using a valid email and password (e.g. above)
5. Click on "My Favourites" at the left (heart icon)
6. Errors appear in the JS Console and the query fails:

     Error: daAddBasketBut is not defined
     Source File:
     Line: 19

This is caused by code at the site that has no Mozilla codepath.

if (document.layers)
  daButCheckout = document.layers['ButCheckout'];
  daButBasket = document.layers['ButBasket'];
  daAddBasketBut = document.layers['ButAddBasket'];      <<<---|daAddBasketBut|
  daAmendBasketBut = document.layers['ButAmdBasket'];
  daFavMaintBut = document.layers['ButFavMaint'];
else if (document.all)
  daButCheckout = document.all['ButCheckout'].style;
  daButBasket = document.all['ButBasket'].style;
  daAddBasketBut = document.all('ButAddBasket').style;   <<<---|daAddBasketBut|
  daAmendBasketBut = document.all('ButAmdBasket').style;
  daFavMaintBut = document.all('ButFavMaint').style;

Since |document.layers| is Netscape 4.x only, Mozilla/N6/N7
falls into the |document.all| codepath. But |document.all|
is IE-only, so the code fails and execution stops.
cc'ing, who first discovered this bug -
cc'ing from bug 110618 - seem to have fixed this.  They have rewritten their menus to use
straight html links and a cache-friendly URL.  I have been able to navigate
successfully using mozilla 1.1  There are one or two other problems, but they're
not browser-specific (I've seen them on Phoenix 0.1 and IE5.5), and are probably
to do with failed lookups being cached.

Someone should probably mark this closed.
I'm still seeing such errors in the JavaScript Console as

  Error: document.all has no properties
  Source File:
  Line: 17, 
Do you find the site to be fixed now? 
The error in Comment #4 is in a js function that just tries to highlight the
selected link by changing its "class".  I hadn't noticed it wasn't working.

The old code used to use document.all to populate the actual data into the main
frame, so the site wasn't usable at all.
Indeed the site does appear to work for me now, but I haven't delved into the consequences of the latest java script error reported today. 
Site now works for me (Mozilla 1.2alpha/Linux) 
ok, low severity for now, new summary.
I didnt went deeper into that code, but if they are using document.all to change
the className that should be fixed by using document.getElementById instead.
anyone to contact them about the issue ?
Severity: normal → trivial
Summary: [LAYER] Site has no Mozilla codepath on some pages → - uses document.all to highlight links
Whiteboard: [havefix]
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bug 248549 partially fixes some of the problems
Whiteboard: [havefix] → [havefix] [bug248549notfixed]
Pascal, what problems are you still seeing?
In the meantime it looks like they have redone the site again with some heinous
frames and client side redirects. This page (normally in a frame):
is probably the equivalent of the favourites page mentioned earlier and it seems
OK, although you would have to buy something in order to get items into it. 

Browsing with IE 6 it looks the same. A cursory look through some of their .js
files shows no references to document.all.

Suggest closing WFM unless someone can identify an existing problem. 
Tested, Mozilla 1.7.3 (so without the document.all I think)
Closed: 11 years ago
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