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Some gtests in xpcom/tests/gtest are not run on Android


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Bug 1318091 started running gtest on our Android 7.0 test platform: gtest runs in the geckoview TestRunnerActivity, against an x86_64 build, running in an emulator running Android 7.0 on

Many gtests run fine and pass consistently, but others did not and have been disabled.

xpcom/tests/gtest test disabled on Android can be found at:

With changes from bug 1548555, some of the gtests previously disabled on Android
can be re-enabled.

Keywords: leave-open
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Enable some android gtests in xpcom/tests/gtest; r=jmaher

I enabled this test yesterday, but it turns out it still crashes intermittently:
05-07 08:47:38.460 2530 2545 I gtest : TEST-START | Threads.Main
--------- beginning of crash
05-07 08:47:38.570 2530 2545 F libc : stack corruption detected
05-07 08:47:38.570 2530 2545 W google-breakpad: ExceptionHandler::GenerateDump cloned child

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Skip gtest TestThreads.cpp on android again; r=jmaher
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