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CreateProfileWizard.js error: nextButton has no properties


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(Reporter: gayatrib, Assigned: gayatrib)



Most of the createprofileWizard functionality is not working and giving various
errors. Using this bug as the tracking bug.

I think the main problem is that something changed to cause onLoadHandler not to
work. This is causing all the code that enables buttons not to be
called--resulting in various errors. For now I have a work around for this

Will check it in after a code review.
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OS: Windows NT → other
Hardware: PC → All
Changing platform to all
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Severity: normal → blocker
Priority: P3 → P1
Summary: CreateProfileWizard errors → CreateProfileWizard.js error: nextButton has no properties
This is preventing verification from finishing, P1/blocker.
JavaScript Error: nextButton has no properties
   LineNo: 90
I am posting diffs from my local tree.
This is the workaround to fix this problem.
diff -c -4 -r1.2 createProfileWizard.js
*** createProfileWizard.js      1999/09/28 22:50:32     1.2
--- createProfileWizard.js      1999/10/04 19:41:31
*** 127,134 ****
--- 127,139 ----
                if (contentFrame)
                        contentFrame.setAttribute("src", content);
+               //hack for onLoadHandler problem bug #15458
+               var tmpUrl = content.split(".");
+               var tag = tmpUrl[0];
+               wizardPageLoaded(tag);
That fixed it for me.  I can now create a profile and get into the browser.
Depends on: 15458
Target Milestone: M10
Putting on M10 list...heard we are respinning M10 candidates for this..
I'm not sure this is on the m10 branch.

I thought this was a m11 regression only.
This is a very recent regression.  It was working in my 9-30 tree.  So I
agree with Seth in thinking that it isn't on the M10 branch.
Per gbush:
"I tested the Win32 M10 candidate build....
1) apprunner will allow me to create a profile and launch (note, first launch
brings up empty page-known bug (12150)
2) apprunner -installer will allow me to create a profile but I crash when I
press the finish button.
3) apprunner -installer allows me to migrate a profile and launch.

Will report on other builds tomorrow."
Target Milestone: M10 → M11
I don't think there are any plans to fix those m10 bugs on the m10 branch.
but we do plan to fix them for m11.  (the crasher is a bug in jsstr.c and mccabe
is looking into it.)

I think norris has checked in the fix for this bug.

I'm building now, and if the work around is no longer needed, I'll remove it and
mark this fixed.
If the fix is in, I too feel it is best to remove the workaround as this might
cause other multiple load problems.
gayatrib, if you've tested it without the work around, go ahead and remove it.
The fix does not work in my build. The problem continues--so I am not
removing the work around. My build gives me the following warnings:
G:\mozilla\caps\src\nsCodebasePrincipal.cpp(39) : warning C4003: not enough actu
al parameters for macro 'NS_LOG_ADDREF'
G:\mozilla\caps\src\nsCodebasePrincipal.cpp(48) : warning C4003: not enough actu
al parameters for macro 'NS_LOG_RELEASE'
I do not know if this has anything to do with the fix not taking affect...
adding norris, as his fix was supposed to fix this.
I think something was messed up with my previous build. I pulled and built
again and the new build did not show these warnings. So please ignore
the warnings that I posted. However, as the build is still going on, I am not
able to test the fix again--so holding the workaround for now.
1999100120 build for Mac
passed all ProfileManager Smoke tests
apprunner allowed me to create profile and launch
apprunner -installer allowed me to create a profile and launch/ migrate a
profile and launch/ rename and delete profile.
Linux build 1999100118
1. apprunner allows me to create profile and launch
2. apprunner -installer allows me to migrate profile and launch
3. using apprunner -installer, create new profile does work, profile gets
created, then crashes before launch
4. rename is working, delete is not working
the new profile (from -installer) is a known bug.  see #15261

rename and delete work for me on windows and I swore they were working on linux
and mac last night.

any js exceptions coming out to the console?  if so, can you paste them here?
also, can you do this

$ ls ~/.mozilla
Isn't this bug fixed?  The Create Profile Wizard has been working most of last

Closed: 21 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
yes, this is fixed.  I fixed this last week.

marking fixed.
build 1999101108
Component: Profile Manager → Profile Manager BackEnd
Moving all Profile Manager bugs to new Profile Manager Backend component.
Profile Manager component to be deleted.
Product: Core → Core Graveyard
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