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Emilio had written some WIPs to index the rust standard library in searchfox, so that if you're poking around in m-c's rust code, you can seamlessly navigate to definitions of stuff in the standard library as well. His WIPs are at - at some point I rebased them and ran into some problems because we switched to pulling artifacts from taskcluster instead of building on the searchfox indexer. However I picked this up again yesterday and got it working (currently deployed to Filing this bug to get it landed.

This makes the rust toolchain artifacts contain the rust stdlib as well,
for use by searchfox. It does bring up the size of the toolchain
artifact slightly - rustc.tar.xz file for the Linux/rust 1.34 job for
example goes from 270483672 bytes to 273803148 bytes (1.23% larger) and
the equivalent android tarball goes from 230503888 to 235698736 bytes
(2.25% larger).

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Update to include rust stdlib src and analysis data. r=glandium
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Backed out changeset 588a1949ec96 as per kats request. CLOSED TREE
Attachment #9059689 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attachment #9059689 - Attachment is obsolete: false
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Update to include rust stdlib src and analysis data. r=glandium
Produce artifacts with the rust stdlib src and analysis data for consumption by searchfox. r=glandium

This is all deployed now, on m-c. I can turn it on for beta once the patches ride the train there.

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