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Convert TestZip to a gtest


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We're going to convert the test to a gtest, and it's simpler not to have
to deal with finding the path to the testcase zip files. They're small
enough anyways, and can be inserted as raw binary data via some assembly
magic. This being android-only code, we don't need extreme portability
here. This is the same trick we use in

Pushed by
Modernize loops in TestZip. r=froydnj
Include the TestZip zip files as binary data. r=froydnj
Convert TestZip to a gtest. r=froydnj

This change has broken building for android with icecc for me. I get the following error:

4:18.62 <inline asm>:5:11: error: Could not find incbin file '/home/jamie/src/gecko/mozglue/linker/tests/'
4:18.62 .incbin "/home/jamie/src/gecko/mozglue/linker/tests/"
4:18.62 ^
4:18.62 <inline asm>:17:11: error: Could not find incbin file '/home/jamie/src/gecko/mozglue/linker/tests/'
4:18.62 .incbin "/home/jamie/src/gecko/mozglue/linker/tests/"
4:18.62 ^

Googling "incbin icecc" doesn't return much, but does find this qt change - - which states that icecc and incbin are incompatible. Not sure whether that's strictly true or whether it just needs some work, this is well outside of my area of expertise.

Is there a mozconfig option or a line of code I can comment out to avoid invoking this?

Regressions: 1549762
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