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Helvetica matches to "DejaVu Sans" instead of "Liberation Sans" on Ubuntu 18.04


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Running fc-match Helvetica correctly gives "Liberation Sans" so it seems like there's something that Firefox is doing wrong. Chrome also correctly uses "Liberation Sans".

Any thoughts as to why this would be happening Jonathan?

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More information needed: we'd need to look at the fontconfig rules that are present on the system. What specifies that Liberation Sans should be used to satisfy a request for Helvetica?

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It looks like it's the following rules:


        <alias binding="same">
            <family>Liberation Sans</family>
            <family>Albany AMT</family>


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Huh, interesting. Looks like maybe we don't follow the multiple levels of aliasing properly. Has it always behaved like this, or is this a regression?

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I have no idea if this is a regression or not.

We'll need to re-implement some of the fontconfig integration stuff anyhow to work with the cross-process font list from bug 1514869, so maybe we can handle this better there.

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