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revisit chunking of xpcshelltests


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Similar to bug #1548106, xpcshelltest is currently run in many chunks that I feel possibly unnecessary as each chunk introduces additional overhead to set up the environment.

An example push is seen here.


Using X1 as standardized example (where comparable in chunk count), in the mozilla-central revision e8aebe488b2f2e567940577de25013d00e818f7c (linked above):

linux64-shippable: 6 minutes, 17:59:24 - 18:01:06 = 00:01:42
linux64-asan: 16 minutes, 16:49:21 - 16:51:38 = 00:02:17


Each chunk is running very quickly and requires approximately 1-2 minutes to set up. If we can reduce the number of chunks required to 50% of current values for linux64-debug for example, it is possible to save 12 minutes of overhead per push.

Type: defect → enhancement


Try push:

The above try push shows the results of reducing chunks across the board:

            android-em-4.3-arm7-api-16/debug: 12
            macosx.*[^ccov]/.*: 1
            windows.*[^ccov]/.*: 1
            .*-ccov/.*: 5
            default: 4

in the baseline push, ccov builds appear to have uneven chunking with some chunks going over the 30 minute soft rule, and other chunks running for only 10 minutes.

the goal was to reduce the chunks from 8 to a manageable 5, in the hopes that some faster chunks are merged together. The shorter chunks are combined, but at the same time the longer chunks also take correspondingly longer time to run.

windows, macosx
chunk count remains at 1, as it currently stands. Runtime of these single-chunk xpcshelltest sometimes exceed 30 minutes, sometimes under 30 minutes. Considering the current baseline also sees the same behavior, this is not a concern.

linux32 and linux64 had its chunk count reduced greatly, from 8 or 12 to 4 across the board.

For most of the linux runs the X4 chunk appears to take the longest, in some cases (linux64 opt) exceeding 45 minutes. Despite this I don't think this is cause for concern since even on the baseline, linux64 opt takes 40 minutes, so the extra 5 minutes consumed in the reduced chunk is easily made up by savings from reduced overhead.

40 minutes is long, but it does simplify our chunks- what runtime dow we get with 6? closer to 30?

:jmaher - yesterday I ran a try push with 6 chunks for a bunch of platforms including linux variants. It is availble here.

First impression is that chunk runtimes don't decrease much between 4 and 6 chunks.
Using linux64/opt as example:

4 chunks: 15, 14, 20, 45
6 chunks: 11, 8, 7, 14, 14, 38

So it looks like by reducing chunks from 6 -> 4, it had the effect of redistributing the very short tests (8, 7) to the moderately long tests (11, 14) and some of the modifications also spilled over to the last chunks, which takes the longest.

An idea for another task efficiencies project could be to investigate the chunking mechanism, to better distribute the load for situations like this. Since the chunking mechanism is not related to overhead, it will be outside the scope of this project.

overall I don't like the 45, but 6 chunks has a 38. Chunking is basically taking the list of tests we have and dividing them up- we are using chunk_by_slice for xpcshell:

and the definition is here:

xpcshell runs tests in parallel and any failures is repeats at the end in series. Unlike mochitest and retest it doesn't chunk_by_dir.

We could look at the runtimes of the tests and find the individuals which are running longer than normal- either split them up, limit their running to select platforms, isolate them in another job, or chunk_by_runtime and include test weights (as we do for mochitest)

I agree this is out of scope, but good to have an understanding of what we are doing and what we could easily do.

As for chunks, it seems we save about 2-3 minutes per chunk we remove and the runtimes are better except for the single 45 minute, but that is just one job which is an outlier and we already have an outlier. I give this a thumbs up

Priority: -- → P3
  • ccov chunks are set to 6, with exception of macosx64-ccov at 8
  • various linux platforms saw reduction in chunks from 8 to 4


4 chunks


  • chunk runtimes are either uneven, or generally under the 30 minute mark but just so.

5 chunks


  • similar to above

6 chunks


  • too many small chunks for not much gain


  • linux chunk sizes of 4 or 5 are preferable; if uneven chunks can be resolved, 4 chunks or even 3 chunks may be preferable.


1 chunk

  • runtime is too long (> 60 min)

2 chunks

  • runtime is too long
  • runtime is uneven

3 chunks

  • chunk runtime is uneven
  • currently used in mozilla-central


  • windows10-aarch64 chunk size of 3 (current) or 4 is preferable.
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I see that osx debug is 2 chunks and opt is 5 chunks:

opt runs fast, 4 chunks in <=10 minutes and 5th chunk is 20+ minutes;
debug runs slow ~17 and ~37 minutes

I suspect there is one or two manifests which are longer- maybe to follow up here is to split large manifests into smaller ones so we can load balance better?

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