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Activity stream errors when opening pages from the doorhanger tests


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One thing I've noticed with the failing tests during TV (test verify) runs is that activity stream code fails during the run. One example:

22:29:38 INFO - Console message: [JavaScript Error: "getScreenshot( failed: TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource." {file: "resource://activity-stream/lib/Screenshots.jsm" line: 45}]
22:29:38 INFO - getScreenshotForURL@resource://activity-stream/lib/Screenshots.jsm:45:10
22:29:38 INFO - asyncmaybeCacheScreenshot@resource://activity-stream/lib/Screenshots.jsm:98:37
22:29:38 INFO - _fetchScreenshot@resource://activity-stream/lib/TopSitesFeed.jsm:437:23
22:29:38 INFO - _fetchIcon@resource://activity-stream/lib/TopSitesFeed.jsm:425:16
22:29:38 INFO - getLinksWithDefaults@resource://activity-stream/lib/TopSitesFeed.jsm:328:16
22:29:38 INFO - async
22:29:38 INFO - onAction@resource://activity-stream/lib/TopSitesFeed.jsm:650:14
22:29:38 INFO - _middleware/</<@resource://activity-stream/lib/Store.jsm:51:17
22:29:38 INFO - Store/this[method]@resource://activity-stream/lib/Store.jsm:29:54
22:29:38 INFO - init/this.intervalId<@resource://activity-stream/lib/SystemTickFeed.jsm:16:52
22:29:38 INFO - notify@resource://gre/modules/Timer.jsm:43:17

All the test needs to do is verify that the correct url is set on the element. There are already tests that check that the elements open urls when clicked so these tests shouldn't have to test them and opening the page appears to sometimes trigger activity stream code that might very well cause tests to fail.

Another option is to just disable this feature in activity stream when running these tests.

Summary: Don't open pages from the doorhanger tests → Activity stream errors when opening pages from the doorhanger tests

For example, in this log the only TV run of the test that failed also included the errors in comment #0

The failures when running the app update tests during TV runs print an activity stream error to the console and this will at the least eliminate it as a cause for the failure and possibly will prevent these tests from failing during TV runs.

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disable activity stream during the app update tests since it periodically errors in getScreenshot. r=bytesized
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