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Improve support for running wrench reftests on Android


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Running debug builds of wrench on the android emulator runs into bug 1547833. However in CI we are currently only doing debug builds. It would be valuable to also do opt builds so that if we want to run wrench reftests on the emulator we can use this opt build and circumvent bug 1547833.

Widening the scope of this bug a bit.

Summary: Do opt builds of wrench in CI → Improve support for running wrench reftests on Android

This makes some minor tweaks:

  • Use a /sdcard/wrench/ folder for the args and reftests. For me bundling
    the reftests as assets didn't work (app would panic trying to load those
    files). Plus it seems better to not always bundle the reftests with the app.
  • Always dump a full backtrace on Android
  • Build both x86 and armv7 architectures of wrench into the same APK for
    better compatibility.
  • Update documentation.

Depends on D29715

This allows us to blacklist certain configurations. Previously we could only
use platform(...) which was more of a whitelist.

Depends on D29728

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Add opt builds of wrench. r=jrmuizel
Some tweaks for wrench on Android. r=gw
Add mechanism to skip wrench reftests on specific platforms. r=gw
Closed: 3 years ago
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Target Milestone: --- → mozilla68
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