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ssltunnel update for Android-try in order to support new TLS version flags


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During testing for bug 1535210, I noticed that ssltunnel fails on Android try tests due to not supporting new configuration options (i.e. it seems that it's not rebuilt automatically for Android tests). I ran across a previous bug 1109310 indicating that we need to go through a manual process to update the ssltunnel used in hostutils.

Could someone please assist with this, or let me know if the process has changed updated since the See Also?

For reference and obtaining the executable, a try run of the ssltunnel update:

There should be no concern of backwards compatibility since there is no change to previously-supported configuration options (only added new ones).

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The linked try run doesn't have a 32 bit linux opt build. Rebuilding.

The current process is documented at

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update linux hostutils (try build) r=gbrown

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It seems I'm still hitting the old version of ssltunnel at

[task 2019-05-10T22:39:27.473Z] 22:39:27 INFO - | Server pid: 1065
[task 2019-05-10T22:39:27.478Z] 22:39:27 INFO - | Websocket server pid: 1068
[task 2019-05-10T22:39:27.491Z] 22:39:27 INFO - | SSL tunnel pid: 1071
[task 2019-05-10T22:39:27.493Z] 22:39:27 INFO - Error: keyword "tls1_1" unexpected
[task 2019-05-10T22:39:27.493Z] 22:39:27 INFO - Error: config file "/tmp/ssltunnelvOpmt3.cfg" missing or formating incorrect

Can you provide any detail on the status of this?

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:kjacobs , I`m not sure I can help you with these details.
I think that :aerickson is the one that can.

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Resolution: FIXED → ---

(In reply to Kevin Jacobs [:kjacobs] from comment #7)

It seems I'm still hitting the old version of ssltunnel at

:kjacobs -- It looks like your try push was using the old version of host-utils. Is it possible that you were using a parent revision from before aerickson's push (before

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Ah - I wasn't aware I'd need to update to include that file.. I'll run the test again first thing tomorrow morning and update/close the ticket if it's resolved. Thanks!

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