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Change color of about-config-pref-delete button


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The delete button looks similar to the reset, toggle and edit button. I propose to change the color of the whole button or to add a colored icon to make it more obvious.

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We use red for errors, so using it as a warning here does not work.
Somehow differentiating the severe action of delete or even reset from the rest of the buttons makes sense however. Esp. as there is no confirmation or undo for those actions.

I recommend we make reset and delete into ghost-buttons that only have a background on hover. This should separate them enough from the other actions and less likely to be confused with the other button. (see attachment)
(This was already proposed before, but I had missed it.)

(In reply to Markus Jaritz [:designakt] (UX) from comment #1)

Esp. as there is no confirmation or undo for those actions.

While this wasn't a requirement of the original design, when we implemented the delete feature we made sure that preferences could be immediately re-added with the same value, until the list is filtered again or the page reloaded, as this was easy to implement. We have a regression test checking this mode.

This effectively provides an undo feature for the delete action. The reset button has no such undo, though.

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Turn the delete and reset buttons into ghost buttons. r=jaws
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