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[Automated review] Spurious "known to be null" review comment on non-changed code


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Coverity helpfully left an automated review comment on a phabricator revision I pushed, "Dereferencing "bo", which is known to be "nullptr". The "bo" it's referring to is in MediaCache::InsertReadaheadBlock(, plus one more in MediaCache::NoteSeek.

There are two problems with these automated comments:

  1. "bo" is not known to be null here. It is asserted that it's not null on the line above, though I'd not judge the machine too harsely on this, as it's by no means a guarantee. Does coverity expect every single pointer deref to be preceeded by a null check?
  2. My commit didn't change this line of code. This is the more important point I think. Why is my commit having problems pre-existing in the code assigned to my commit? Only problems which my commits are introducing should invoke lint comments.

Another couple of occurences for my patch :

Assignee: nobody → bpostelnicu

More here:

As with the original report, not only are most of these lines untouched by these patches, the errors are false positives since there are assertions earlier in these functions that assert that the mentioned pointers are not nullptr.

It just keeps on going:

Six bogus reports for a single bug so far. At this point I'm likely to overlook any genuinely useful message. Any chance we can turn this warning off?

Sorry for the bad experience that you are having with this checker. I will try to 'make it smarter' by modeling it based on our code or this doesn't succeeds I will disable it.
For the other problem where there are posted issues that are not part of the patch we have (this)[] issue.

In case it's of any use, bug 1253476 might be useful example of the issues we need to fix. Between all the patches these, there would be at least 50 bogus comments by now. On one patch alone I see 3 bogus comments each duplicated 7 times. If we can't disable the check or make it smarter soon, perhaps we can at least stop it from producing the same comment over and over?

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:sylvestre, could you have a look please?

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I think we fixed it, closing.

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