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Unable to sync addons after upgrading to Firefox 66.0.4


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Steps to reproduce:

Few days ago, the certificate used to signing add-ons was outdated and caused all add-ons disabled. I pushed the sync button, trying to fix it. After that, I found the blog post ( and fixed the problem with “hotfix-update-xpi-signing-intermediate-bug-1548973” study. But only few of my add-on (7/4x) remained in the installed list, others were gone. I installed them back and try to sync them again.

Actual results:

I was not able to sync add-ons and got error logs in about:sync-log (see attachment)

Expected results:

Sync add-ons without error and other devices can sync and install new add-ons accordingly.

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Sorry for the delay, but can you please clarify what log file is attached here? The log shows there are over 40 addons installed locally, but the report says only 7 appear in the list. The errors in the log file are unrelated to addon syncing.

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