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Pulldown menus will not display, when pushing "ALT" key (Windows 10, FireFox updated last night)


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Steps to reproduce:

I'd like the Bookmark Toolbar to display. It used to, haven't turned it off, assume it disappeared in the course of an update? To display the pulldown menus I pushed the ALT key, which should display the menus, get me into View pulldown menu.

Actual results:


Expected results:

Pulldown menus should display.

Ok, tried starting FireFox in SafeMode, and pressing <ALT> key does not display pulldown menus.

Just for the record:

  1. Did it used to (display pulldowns etcetra), at one time? My memory's a bit flakey, but I seem to recall it did, like a lot of Windows 10 programs.

  2. What I wanted to do was access the View pulldown menu, then set it to display the Bookmarks Toolbar.

I'm also wondering if the issue might be with Windows, not FireFox, just a thought.

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While not a solution for the <ALT> key not bringing up the menu, you can right-click in the empty space next to the address bar and select Bookmarks Toolbar or Menu Bar.

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